Images by Nick Poe

Shape Dance
Performance at Maccarone Gallery

in collaboration with Nick Poe and Joe Ganz
​Los Angeles (2016)

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Shape Dance (2015)
for 4 dancers, 1 musician, and a plant
​at Judson Church on November 4th, 2015​​

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Images by Theo Guillemot (@TheoGuillemot)

Copyright 2018 Brittany Bailey

Shape Dance Notation (2017)

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Shape Dance  (2015)​

for 4 dancers and 1 musician 
at Pioneer Works on July 12th, 2015

Shape Dance uses a vocabulary of shapes to construct choreography. Practices within Shape Dance choreography include Notation, Live Performance, and Video Performance.

Slow Shapes (2017)
a video by Kersti Jan Werdal

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​​​Photograph taken by Dan Mcmahon for a story about Shape Dance published in Riot of Perfume Magazine, Issue 9

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Images by Tricia Gray