Slow Shapes (2017)
a video by Kersti Jan Werdal

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​​​Photograph taken by Dan Mcmahon for a story about Shape Dance published in Riot of Perfume Magazine, Issue 9

Shape Dance Notation (2017)

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Shape Dance
Performance at Maccarone Gallery

in collaboration with Nick Poe and Joe Ganz
​Los Angeles (2016)

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Shape Dance (2015)
for 4 dancers, 1 musician, and a plant
​at Judson Church on November 4th, 2015​​

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Images by Theo Guillemot (@TheoGuillemot)

Shape Dance  (2015)​

for 4 dancers and 1 musician 
at Pioneer Works on July 12th, 2015

Shape Dance uses a vocabulary of shapes to construct choreography. Practices within Shape Dance choreography include Notation, Live Performance, and Video Performance.

Images by Nick Poe

Hosted by STUFFED Dinner and Dance
Images by Tricia Gray